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10 Sure-Fire Ways to Get More Clients and Explode Your Business In 2015

1. Believe that your Service or Product is of Genuine Value I start of with this point even though it’s not a method to acquire new clients. The point is that no matter how good your tactics are to reach potential clients, if what you offer them is not of value to them, you’ve missed the mark. Will what you offer genuinely serve a purpose in their lives? People browse Google to find a solution to their problem. That’s it! Are there ways you can improve what you offer to stand out above the competition? This is not a question of price… Some people are cheap and will always look for the cheapest deal. Others will base their decision completely on value discarding the price factor.   2. Make Sure You Rank at the Top of Google Search Engine Traffic, based on good content on your website and back links to your website from other sites, are the 2nd most effective way of marketing yourself. Marketing to your own opt-in subscriber list is still the king of sales but we’ll get to that a bit later since you first need to do some ground work.   3. Content is King – Use good bait Once potential clients reach your website you’ve only got a couple of seconds to grab their attention or they’ll click the browser’s back button and go to the next site. People are spoilt with to many options dangling in front of them on the internet. You’ve got to make sure that what you offer is genuinely a leap above the rest. Here are some good ideas... read more

5 Top Online Marketing Tips

Behind every successful brand is successful advertising! Without marketing your business the world would never know about your product or service. There are countless great ideas and products that are most likely better than what we have on our shelves at the moment, but marketing doesn’t happen automatically. Below are 5 top marketing tips to help you get your name out there.   1. Define your target market This sounds pretty simple, but knowing who your target market is, will ensure that your advert is not wasted on an irrelevant market.   2. Stand out There are many companies doing exactly what you do. What makes you different? This is the key to your success.   3. Don’t be afraid Spend a bit of money on good marketing! There is a lot of free marketing available online, but there are a whole lot more opportunities available if you are willing to spend money.   4. Your website must pop People buy with their eyes. Your website must look good and catch the eye of your target market. It is important to make sure you have a great looking website.   5. Regular activity Make sure you regularly post new information on your website. A website with new activity looks like a busy one. This attracts the eye of previous visitors to your site.... read more

7 Ways to Make Money Chase You

  A common hang up in society is that we are constantly competing with the people around us. How do we stand out from the crowd? How do we succeed? The answer: Financial abundance!  People often find themselves wondering about the ‘secret formula’ to success and how they can achieve financial freedom. Below are 7 easy steps to achieve financial abundance.   1. You are never too old to learn Find something you love doing and learn as much as possible about it! This is the first step to an abundant life. If you only have a high school diploma, it is worth your time getting a bachelors or associates degree. Remember, the higher the title, the higher the salary!   2. Get to know people Connecting with people in your field is a good start.  This may often lead to job promotion! Networking with people in (and out) your trade is an excellent way to educate yourself as to what’s out there. You might actually spark some new personal interests. Pair this with your networking connections and you are already in the right direction for success.   3. Sharing is caring Share your gift of knowledge. Youtube and blogs are a perfect source where you can freely share your information with the world. By doing this, you place yourself as a master in your field. You will automatically stand out from the rest and be first in rank for promotions eventually working your way up to the top.   4. Discipline, discipline, discipline In terms of building your empire, having information is imperative, however self control is considerably more vital. You need... read more

Why You Need a Website and How to Get One for Free

The new generation turns to the internet when researching products, services and their prices. The internet is more cost effective and offers more potential than any other form of advertising! There are many forms of free online advertising (social media, Youtube, blogs). Your business is automatically exposed not only to your community, but the world. When using the internet for marketing you first need to have a website in place. This will enable any online exposure to be routed directly to your website. Customers can see exactly what your business is about, where you are and how to contact you. No online support system is better than having your own website.   Hostbiz offers free website design, the cost involved here is the actual hosting of the website through Hostbiz. There are always costs involved when hosting a website. But they are cheap, reliable and your website design is free! There are various packages and deals, but the best deal is the annual option – they are running a discounted promotion until the end of January 2015 – R125 per month, (paid annually).  There are cheaper monthly packages available from R49 per month, but this package is very limited. The best would be to see what package suits you! Click Here to check out their website.... read more

7 Essential Reasons Why You Should Rank at the Top of Google

1. Your Customers are Googling to find you… or your competitors if you’re not there. It’s the easiest thing to do in your browser nowadays… Just start typing your search query without even having to go to a search engines webpage, and results will follow. The power of search engines is still largely overlooked by smaller companies. Realizing this will enable you to compete with the big fish on a larger scale.   2.  Better results than paid traffic and it’s a fact Only 25% of search engine traffic to websites is generated through paid advertising. The other 75% is generated through good old search engine optimization (SEO). Makes you think doesn’t it?   3. It won’t cost you an arm or a leg As stated with the previous point it is very cost effective compared to other forms of marketing. The joy about this is that once a visitor is on your website and you can successfully capture their interest to subscribe to your newsletter you have just started the most effective form of advertising – email marketing. Can you imagine having a list of 100 000 subscribers and sending out a bulk email promoting one of your products. If only 1% responded and your profit is $100 per sale…   4. There are more mobile devices on earth than human beings Why is this important? With more than 7 billion mobile devices out there (at the time of writing this article), it opens up a whole new world of possibilities. People are now Googling anywhere anytime. This has also made it much easier to acquire new customers in specific target... read more

12 Tips to Promote Your Website Quickly and Effectively

Get your website noticed!   A websites is your company’s best marketing tool. To the online world, it serves as the face of your business. If you want to increase sales, the face of you company needs to look captivating. As a keen businessman, you need to utilize the web to its full potential to market your products and services.   Enhance your site by using your most popular sale items and monitor who visits your site. Post your telephone number, road location, and online networking connections on each page. Attract new guests to your site by using social media. Keep visitors on your site by offering free info or sale items. Get recurring visits by using words like ‘coming soon’. Get noticed with your landing page and titles. Use words like ‘you’ instead of ‘me’. Get new content on you page regularly. Use call to action words, for example: ‘click here’ and ‘try now’. Make your site simple to use and explore. Gather a list of email addresses to converse with potential or existing clients. Before launching your site, test it first.... read more

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business. – Bill Gates




The best revenge is massive success. – Frank Sinatra




Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. – Steve Jobs




The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now. – Chinese Proverb